If you have to book a pickup in less than 7 days, call us at 1‑855‑NAVETTE.
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To contact us (24/7)

Toll free: 1-855-NAVETTE (628-3883)
Tel: 1-819-820-5858

Departure time from the Eastern Townships/Richelieu

The departure time will be confirmed by 2 p.m. the day before your departure from Sherbrooke, Magog/Orford, Bromont, Granby, L’Ange-Gardien or Richelieu.
If at 2 p.m. you have not received the confirmation, contact us immediately at 1-855-628-3883 to confirm your transportation.
You must be at your departure point, ready to board, 15 min prior to the departure time that was confirmed. If you are running late, or if the shuttle is not there 5 min after the departure time confirmed, contact us immediately at 1-855-628-3883.
For a departure from a rendez-vous point or a home address (Sherbrooke, Magog and Orford), your ticket is valid only for the departure time that was confirmed. If you miss the shuttle, your ticket will be expired and you will not be able to use it to take another shuttle.
Aeronavette determines the shuttle’s departure time based on road conditions as well as your flight departure time, as indicated on your ticket, so that you arrive at the airport around 2 hrs to 4 hrs before your flight. The driver determines which road to take.
If you opt for the home service in Sherbrooke, Magog or Orford, the shuttle trip may be longer and/or have more stops than if you choose a rendez-vous point.
Please note that when your flight arrives at the Montreal-Trudeau airport, you will not receive a confirmation with the departure time from the airport.

Arrival at the Montreal-Trudeau airport

When you arrive at Montreal-Trudeau airport, you must check-in with the driver at the Aeronavette kiosk located on the arrivals level, inside the airport, between doors 24 and 25.
If you do not see the driver after a 5-min wait, please contact us so we may locate the driver for you.
If you must go through immigration, secondary screening at customs, if you have lost your luggage and must make a claim with your airline, or for any other situation or problem that may delay your exit from the airport, please contact us immediately to let us know.
When you arrive at the airport, you may have a wait time of approximately 0 to 75 min. This is the approximate wait time, under normal circumstances, from the moment you check-in at the Aeronavette kiosk until the moment the driver leaves the kiosk to go get the shuttle. If your flight is early or delayed, or if you are delayed at customs, baggage claim, or other, the wait time at the airport may exceed the normal wait time.
Your ticket can be used to board a shuttle at the Montreal-Trudeau airport within 5 hrs of your flight’s landing time, as indicated on your ticket.
After 5 hrs, your ticket will be expired and you will not be able to use it to take another shuttle.
At the airport, please pay attention and follow the driver’s instructions; not doing so may delay your departure from the airport.

Flight to Montreal-Trudeau cancelled

If your flight to the Montreal-Trudeau airport is cancelled, you must contact us with your new flight to Montreal within 24 hrs of the scheduled arrival time as indicated on your ticket. After 24 hrs, if you still do not have your new flight to Montreal, your ticket will be expired and you will not be able to use it to take another shuttle.

Changing your booking

You must check the status of your flights, for your departure and your arrival. If there is a change to your flight itinerary, or for any other change to your booking, you must contact us to change your ticket.
When you take the shuttle from a rendez-vous point or a home address, you can change your ticket up to 4 hrs prior to the shuttle departure time. When you take the shuttle from the Montreal-Trudeau airport, you can change your ticket up to the flight arrival time as indicated on your ticket.
If the change occurs less than four days before your departure or your arrival, we are not responsible for any delays that may result. Additional fees may apply.
The passenger’s name on the ticket and the ticket type (one-way or round-trip) cannot be changed.

Travelling with children

Children under 9 years old must have a child car seat adapted to their weight and size for the shuttle trip. You may bring your own car seat or rent one with us at no extra charge. If you choose to bring your own car seat, we can store it and bring it to the airport when you return.
To be able to use your own car seat, it must have been purchased in Canada, it must bear the Transport Canada compliance label, it must not have passed its expiry date, and it must never have been involved in an accident.

Travelling with animals

Dogs and cats are allowed on board the shuttle. Your pet must be in its travel cage, under your seat or in the baggage compartment, for the duration of the shuttle trip. Please let us know if you are travelling with a dog or a cat when you book your shuttle or at least four days prior to your departure.

Baggage allowance

Each passenger is allowed two regular sized bags (less than 23kg and less than 158cm in total dimension) and one carry-on bag (less than 10kg). A bag's total dimension is determined by adding the bag's length, width, and height together. If you are travelling with additional bags or oversized bags, please let us know when you make your reservation or at least four days prior to your departure. Additional or oversized bags may be refused on board depending on the space available in the baggage compartment.

Travel info

All passengers on board the shuttle must wear a face mask, except for children under 2 years old.
Please verify the information on your ticket and make sure it is accurate. All times are listed in 24 hr format, Montreal time.
You must show this ticket or a valid photo ID to the driver before boarding the shuttle. This ticket is non-transferable, and it is only valid for the passenger whose name appears on it.
All passengers on the same ticket must travel together.
If you need assistance to board or exit the shuttle, please advise us.
We are not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen items.
No smoking or alcohol/drug consumption is permitted in the shuttle at any time.
Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. For the safety and comfort of our passengers, passengers may be refused boarding if they are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, if they are armed with a dangerous weapon, if they are violent, threatening and/or abusive, if they or their luggage may affect the comfort of any person in the shuttle, if they refuse to buckle their seatbelt, if they refuse to wear a face mask, if they present symptoms of COVID-19 as determined by health authorities in Quebec and Canada, or if they fail to present a valid ticket.
Aeronavette cannot ensure your transportation if road conditions are critical or if the roads are closed, for your own safety and that of our drivers.
If you liked your driver’s service, a tip would be greatly appreciated! ́!


Your ticket is non-refundable.
If your ticket is cancelled more than 24 hrs prior to your flight time, as indicated on your ticket, a credit valid two years is available. The credit is non-transferable and will be issued to the passenger whose name is indicated on the ticket.
If you have a round-trip ticket and only one of the two segments is cancelled more than 24 hrs prior to your flight time, as indicated on your ticket, the one-way fare will be charged. The credit will be issued for the difference between the round-trip fare and the one-way fare.
There is no credit available if your ticket is cancelled less than 24 hrs prior to your flight time, as indicated on your ticket.
For a round-trip ticket, the 24-hr deadline is determined according to the flight time, as indicated on your ticket, for your ticket's first date of validity.



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